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. the reason some people are not happy about the plan and also 49ers fans are booking a flight to the super bowl, they could be in for a super shock. it is all ahead on the ktvu channel 2 morning news. complete bay area coverage
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starts right now. good morning, thank you for waking up with us on this tuesday morning, i am pam cook. >> and here is steve with the morning weather. it's not as chilly as it has been, a lot of high clouds will be creeping in mostly sunny in the morning, will it lead to rain? we will talk about that coming up, here is sal. between walnut creek and oakland, westbound it is looking good, on the other side same thing goes and no trouble getting onto the bay bridge. san mateo bridge looks good as you drive out to the high-rise, let's go back to the desk. >> our coverage of the inauguration continues as president barack obama will attend the national prayer service as he begins his second
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term in office. kyla campbell is -- tori campbell is in washington d.c., are things quiet there? >> yes, things are calming down after a lot going on over the last couple of days. the first lady appeared at the commander and chief's ball and the president gave a special greeting. >> it is because of you with honor we were able to end the war in iraq and because of you we were able to end justice to osama bin laden. [applauds] [applauds] >> and of course there was a lot of attention given to the first lady's dress and it was designed once again by jason wow and she has been wearing a lot of somber dark colors and it was a surprise to see her
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coming out in a bright red. >> and garage was flying and crews had their work cut out for them. there is a garbage can behind my now. the first lady will be attending a prayer service along with the vice-president and his wife and tonight there is another ball, the staff inaugural ball will be held at the convention center here in washington d.c. and there is already some business underway, there will be a previousing by jay carney later this morning. all right, torii, thank you very much. some people in soon fran watched a live broadcast at the bay view opera house. people gathered to watch the president's speech and one
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woman said she knows there is hope for the future. >> i know there is change going to be coming and i have faith it is going to be better for us. i am talking about the whole country is going to be better. >> people who attended the viewing said they will be here in honor of dr. martin luther king, jr. coming up at 5:15 a move pie house republicans that could avoid the debt sealing at least in the bay area. one suspect is in custody alex safe rajai davis says the suspects confronted the officer last night, alex in >> reporter: last checked in speaking with the police, police have not been able to track the men down and they are wanted in connection with the
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shooting with an undercover police officer and this area does remain locked down at this point and s.w.a.t. team remains unseen. they were focused on a house but a sergeant did say for the most part it is only room scene -- crime scene technicians that are taking photos and it does not appear the search is still active. they are going door to door for the two wanted men and four square blocks are locked town and it happened while three gunmen were seen running off. they were able to take those men into custody. during a confrontation, the
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officer was shot in the arm and the officer is expected to have a full recovery. >> they are not releasing the name of that officer but again the officer is expected to survive with a gunshot wound to the arm. >> they were be investigated as they left a man critically wounded. had and you get the sense in speaking with officer that the search will remain in this area with the area taped off. well protests are planned tonight as they decide whether to approve a consulting contract for william bradden. angry crowds disrupted them as
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they stopped to risk and it will not be tolerated but if approved they will pay the consulting office. san francisco's police chief is trying to get more than 100 officers trained to handle the mentally ill. in some cases it can cause death. the meeting will be held on far are you. they will be pack in the spotlight. they want to form it of business owners, parents and others and this comes after voters voted a ban to sit on
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berkeley sidewalks. critic say it unfairly tar gets the homeless. on the travel paint, we found the average cost.$♪ of a round trip plane ticket is $1,500. that is nearly triple the normal cost. >> i wish i could go to that. >> it would be coin ofen fun. >> let's take another look at our traffic with sal. looking at 880 if you are driving from berkeley to vallejo traffic is looking good and on the westbound bay bridge, very light at the toll plaza and i'm sure it will not stay this way but it's still
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light. livermore, if we look at the traffic line which is pretty good. this is a look at 880 southbound, 50 let's go to steve. and we will have a mostly sunny day here for a while, you can see he clouds are boeing so it will take awhile to and we'll see a slight wind change here and there is not a lot of high clouds just filtering in and it merges over us again it will take a slow mover for it to get here and i think the atmosphere is rather dry and we
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will still have some rain, sun clouds this afternoon a slightly westerly breeze, below 60s to mid-60s and we went with one more 70 and the extended outlook is rainny, one says clouds and rain and it looks like saturday night into sunday. brian, pam? a horrible crash involving 50 cars which may be to blame. also the new movie about why oscar grant is causing a big buzz in hollywood. and it is are looking pretty good fitting out to the pay area weather.
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. welcome back time now 5:11, we now learned a child was killed in a pileup in cincinnati. one 12-year-old died in a crash dozens of other people were hurt. they are blaming the sudden burst of snow for the tragic weather. >> we had some inclement weather and the snow came down quickly and it was sticking to
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everything and with the cold temperatures conditions got slick. >> 20 crash victims are in the hospital and two of them are listed in critical condition. a man from texas was one of the victims killed in the hostage standoff in algeria. now his family is trying to cope with the loss. >> i can associate having him die of cancer butter rich does not -- but terrorism does not go with that. >> the algerian military moved in on saturday and 38 of the hostages were killed and two other americans are among those killed. in the los angeles archdiocese showed they routinely covered up allegations against priests. they deliberately sent molester
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speeches and in some cases they were allowed to return to ministry. they failed to disclose information to parishioners and the arch die essential is expected -- the ash diocese is expect -- arch die oh sister is expected to -- archdiocese is expected to release more information in the next few days. here is kyla campbell with more. >> reporter: they are attending a usual church service but for congress it is time to get back to work increasing the debt ceiling as their main priority and house leaders just unveiled legislation yesterday to extend through the middle of may. without that move, the u.s. could default for the first time ever and the current debt
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limit is $16 trillion and they do not set a specific limit. they are now shifting gears and they can pressure senate democrats to pass a budget for after four years of failing to do so. they also included provision which says if there is no deal by april 15th, lawmakers do not get paid. but senate has not passed one since 2009 and now the gop feels they have americans on its side. >> americans get it, federal overspending is actually dragging our economy down rather than lifting our families up. >> what they are saying when i see you next, kyla campbell ktvu channel 2 morning news. and you can watch more of president barack obama's inauguration including beyonce say saning the national and
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them. the man has been identified. police are not exposing his name but he exposed himself on miller treat and last -- heller street. pill have not reviewed the information yet. today the coach will be remembered at a mural near the penn state campus. for most of his career he was held up as a model but his reputation was scandaled after what happened with joe paterno. joe paterno hid allegations to protect the school. we are learning what could happen if the campus were to lose its accreditation and
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clothes. they showed sent sounding schools could find a number of violations with the structure and finances. they have until the 19th to issue a structure of why they should be allowed to operate. the shooting of oscar grant, movie called fruit veil is the hottest movie. the big movie studios are now bidding for major release. it was directed by newcomer ryan coug letter. it shows when he was shot on the fruit veil bart station four years ago. sal, how are you looking at the east bay this time? >> we are looking at the workforce. i think going to interstate 880, it is a little bit slow
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and you can send me a tweet and steve and i are on twitter, i don't know if brian flores is but traffic is moving a long well as you drive through. no major problems westbound and oscar grant long as you done tweet or to anything while you are driving, north and 880 south pound and from grand line road, i think you still have a whip tow to fit out there. >> it is a great tool. >> absolutely, love it. we have mostly clear skies and there will be a lot of high clouds coming in by the way. best way to get weather information to me. temperatures will be slowly coming down and there is a system coming in but it has two
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speeds and it is turning and it looks like a pattern starts and today it is that in between day and light rain makes it in tomorrow and there will be two systems. instead of 20s we have 30s and 40s and a half moon bay 45 and that's actually redwood shores. the antioch -- antioch is near this, same for novato. not far a way you can find increasing temperatures. this is our computer model and the only reap i amable to which is usually delayed. that is very, very light and we'll see the system fall apart but another one begins to move in later in the week and
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usually it is the second and third system but that would not be until the weekend. mostly sunny for a while. hazy skies, 60s still one more mile to warm date of coming down now oakland, and that's 170-degree temperature. still low-to-mid of 0s and cloudy and rain on thursday and increasing clouds friday and unsettled and possibly more rain coming in sunday. they thing in labor organization and the group expects 202 people to be out of work this year and they will be in developing countries with east asia, south asia and africa which is subsequently
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the hardest hit. some are gaining grounds at this hour. overnight, they have mixed results as well and japan's nikkei fell after the central bank promised to fall after generating some growth. checking in our numbers after the three-day weekend in dr. martin luther king, jr., right now futures indicate pretty mixed opening as you can see it is mixed document jones, we will have a list. coming up, a cat controversy is brewing and why he wants to ban all cats in the country. it is on the rise and the disorder doctors are catching in more and more kids.
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. welcome back time now 5:23, a man has come up with a way to save native birds and he wants to ban cats. he calls them natural born killers and he is not recommending they euthanize them and he is saying not to replace them when they die. birds like the question we have
5:26 am
-- kiwi have bomb endangered. there is also a lot of buzz about what is on this player's arms... >> ouch. his tattoo artist is seeing a big increase in work and he did his tattoo work when he played for the university of nevada. >> i didn't expect it would be this big, you know. >> most of his tattoos have a religious meaning and he thought about it before getting them. the number of new cases of attention deficit hyperaction and that's from a study of nearly 800,000 kids in southern
5:27 am
california. about half have adhd and white high income families are the ones with that diagnosis. they are providing bikes to leave in the station and the first will start this summer with stations in san francisco, palo alto, redwood city and mountain view. i think it looks pretty good and as a matter of fact if you are looking at 280 and 101 and 85, i know a lot of people like to get on the road early, looking very nice getting all the way to the cupertino area or sunny veil or looking at the drive time here between highway 380 and 92 and 101. this is about 8 minutes if you are driving at the immediate
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him wet, across the bay, and over to interstate 880, let's go to steve. we have still 30s for lows and today a few high clouds will inch their way in and today is the day to get out and tomorrow it looks like some rain, still mild and says i, democratic national convention . stolen from 'east bay which cost the family $200,000. we are live in brentwood where two teens are gunned down on the sidewalk and we will tell you why neighbors are so shocked. surrounding the boeing airline, what you need to know if you have a flight booked for
5:29 am
japan. map map
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. welcome back, i am brian flores in for dave clark. >> and good morning, i am pam cook. increasing clouds, not as bad right now, these high clouds will begin to creep in over the next 24 hours and highs in the 60s, here is sal. good morning, highway 4 looks good with no major
5:32 am
problems and no trouble by the way if you are driving near 6 0. according to our spotters it has not been causing a big traffic jam let's go back to the desk. the search continues for a frightening driveby shooting in brentwood and the victims are all teens. >> reporter: good morning, they were standing in front of this house around 6:00 when the shooting happened right here off grand villain and you can see if you look behind me, there is a bullet hole right here above the garage. investigators worked for hours and we know this was a driveby shooting and four people raining in able are expected to survive.
5:33 am
they were shot at by three or four males inside a passing car. one woman came home to ambulances and fire trucks. >> it is shocking. nothing like that ever happens around here so it was surprising to see. >> reporter: does it make you think twice, does it make you think about leaving? >> no, i am surprised anything like this would ever happen here. >> reporter: now the getaway car is described as a late model sedan and they are not said anything about the shooting or the people who live there, ktvu channel 2 morning news. police are still looking for a hit-and-run driver who smashed into a power pole and it happened last night on hunt wood avenue.
5:34 am
it snapped pour lines. the driver left his car at the crash scene and ran offment pg&e crews are still on the scene trying to restore power to the area. it is a travel nightmare for those who booked flights to tokyo and it comes after safety concerns antigen mean janine de la vega -- janine de la vega has more on just how many flights are affected, here is more. >>reporter: brian, there is nobody here at the ticket counterat san jose international airport and another worker i spoke to said there were agents here helping people rebook their canceled flights and that person said they expect representatives to be here again this morning, this is what it looks like and there is a notice for canceling all of its flights.
5:35 am
yesterday they decided to stop the flights through next monday and last night the federal aviation ordered them to stop until they can proof the batteries used on the airline is safe. they had to stop them because batteries were blamed for smoke inside the planes. they are helping passengers rebook san jose flights to go through a did i have air cart and there was lots of fan fair. now with 320 of its flights canceled and the dreamliner still being grounded, it is unclear when normal operations will be done. now coming up on the morning news we are hoping to talk to airport officials to see what their take is on this and they were really expecting this to be quite a success and right
5:36 am
now it seems like it is a black cloud hanging over the international airport. reporting live janine de la vega ktvu channel 2 morning news. >> repairs are said to begin on bay bridge bumpers that were damage by an oil tanker two weeks ago. it hit the westernmost tower and the bumpers which are made of steel but it protected the bridge structure and now it's taking 4 months to repair and costs go between 2 million. investigators say three burglars kicked in the door of auto world early monday morning. they stole car keys and drove off with 12 cars including
5:37 am
bmws, mercedes and other cars as well. they believe the thieves took $200,000 worth of inventory. one car was recovered and no arrests have been made. at 1:30 they reported $12 billion. this morning the city will give them an update on reviewing the bay area. they are working on sustainability and environmental i am pack. they are ready to talk about plans for the bay view and that meeting starts at 5:00. tonight the community of walnut creek will talk over the recent fire stations in contra costa county they closed earlier this month along with other stations in clayton and martinez. tonight's meeting is at 7:00
5:38 am
at walnut heights. and one of the big story lines is two brothers coaching against each other. jim harbaugh wants the focus to be elsewhere. >> we have two and it does not matter what relationship we have, some are on the opposite side trying to beat them. >> jim harbaugh called it a blessing and a curse but most will prepare for their february 3rd meeting in now orleans. they are preparing for super bowl sunday and the timing -- meeting in new orleans. they are preparing for super bowl sunday and the timing is coming up. >> parents don't want to watch the game with anybody else because they are so nervous. >> i get that, sometimes i watch the game at home because
5:39 am
i don't want people to ask me why i am pacing. you know you get nervous sometimes when you are watching your team. this is a look at highway 4, there are no major problems coming up to the willow pass grade. the bay bridge approach, we are getting a lot more traffic and yesterday we didn't have a lot because of the king holiday but today a lot of people are back. if you are driving in union city and there are no problems on the peninsular and from the time to get to san mateo it is still a good drive. 5:37 let's go to steve. when i move they fumble. >> i know what you mean sal. temperatures 49 in san francisco and things have changed and there are still some cold readings for us. although it is bitterly cold in the great lakes, it is so cold
5:40 am
in detroit and it is 20 tee grease below windchill -- 20 degrees below windchills. things chilly but nothing compared to what i had a week ago. think. are slowly headed with a high pressure system showing signs of breaking down and the pattern begins today and tomorrow more likely it looks like rain and there is two systems, one to the south and one to the north and there in lies the key. so today sunny in the morning and we'll see high clouds coming in and the wind turns more southerly instead of that easterly breeze, still another mild day and not much to sir things up and even in san francisco, the peninsular mid-
5:41 am
60s as well. cloudy and rain developing, it looks like it gets out of hereby thursday and there is a big difference by the forecast models and that system develops sunday. air force base destroyed one building and why it could be much worse. roe versus wade, what americans feel now on the ruling. and we will have more coming up on the bay area commute and the weather.
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. good morning, clouds begin slowly working their way
5:44 am
through on the mild side in the 60s. oakland police are searching for two suspects and the officer was hit in the arm and third is expected to survive. president barack obama will be back at the white house and he will begin his second term in office after attending prayer service. he called for unity in meeting the challenges facing the country. it comes after the 77 dream liners were grounded over safety concerns. some passengers are being put on to airline flights instead and the airline says it will not be until tuesday at the earlier flights could be operational. several are injured after a strong earthquake rocked western indonesia. it hit the province overnight
5:45 am
and an after shock came 20 minutes later. a young girl was found dead in her home buried under rubble. another earthquake hit the area triggering a tsunami killing 23 4,000 people. the fire started yesterday afternoon in a civil engineering building. one person was inside and hundreds of people normally would have been working in the building. the cause of that fewer is still under investigation. he is responsible for killing his family. police say he shot and killed his wife and young son before taking his own life. the man also set his house on fire shortly before the gunfire and the man was a former police officer also. so far there is no word on what led to the violence. san francisco deputy is
5:46 am
accused of robbing a bank. phillip stole $1,700 from a bank of america and both are felonies. he has pled not guilty and court records indicate he had financial problems. roe versus wade decision, and the supreme court decision is still the subject of debate, according to the wall street journal pole, 17% oppose overturning roe versus wade and that's the highest since 1999. many new state laws replace some restrictions on abortions. 30 weapons were collected in marin county yesterday. it was a scaled back version and in exchange for the weapons last week they collected 827
5:47 am
firearms and had to issue vouchers because the event ran out of money the district attorney's office hopes to pay off the vouchers by february 15th. san mateo is holding a gun by back at the san mateo center. anybody can surrender and you can get up to 200 for an assault weapon. jack ski spears is pro -- jackie spears is providing the funding. san francisco is getting ready for the big game. they arrested a dozen fans in the championship game on sunday and there could be a lot more trouble after an even bigger game that will end after dark. >> it is in the works at this time to ensure we cover all the
5:48 am
bases. studying capes it broke out after the world series in october, they even torched a $700,000 muni bus. they are fighting to keep the sacramento kings in sacramento. the president is angry that a group including the ceo is buying the nba team. sign itberg now -- steinberg wants all government dollars to be paid to them and they suggest kings has no business moving to seattle. >> on the east shore, looking at the traffic along the stretch, pam, on west vallejo through berkeley coming down to the bay bridge toll plaza, you will see some traffic in slow spots in fact some spots are getting a little more crowded as you drive through so give yourself a little extra time and it will not be like
5:49 am
yesterday saying it is super light and that was because of the holiday actually bay bridge westbound, metering lights come on and you own have a few coming in so driving on the peninsular, weep talked about 101 which still looks good and the drive time between half- moon bay and passive can, if you are doing that, both directions look about the same. goodgood mourn cold for some -- good morning, cold for some, cloudy for others, it will take a little time to get more cloud cover later in the day. two systems are in the southwest and that will help but they could split and i
5:50 am
don't think it will really matter. cloudy tomorrow and it looks like the beginning of a pattern change and we have a really warm stretch of weather which will be cool, it looks like it will drag its way so low-to-mid 60s and temperatures are starting over below freezing for some and we are starting off on a level playing field. low 60s, mid-60s along the san mateo coast and of course on the peninsular. cloudy with rain on wednesday and it clears out thursday and another system arrives from the north, and this one arrives later in the weekend. anybody can be a board passengers to board in
5:51 am
southwest. frequent flyers are people with special scholastic kits are sometimes bumped into the first group and now any passenger can pay a $40 fee to be a network border. that means about 300,000 are losing their jobs. >> that will leave only 5. a tarry -- the game produced the first games, now they are refocusing on smart phones and internet based games and they hope to get to the reorganization before the start of summer. >> all the memories. >> i remember that. >> try that again. time now 5:50, coming up a close call for a surfer in
5:52 am
ocean beach, why people are being warned to stay away from the water and what is keeping rescue teams so busy. >> the unusual reason people are climbing up. click on the live icon, you can be connected any time anywhere. mptious bars. hmm? i just wanted you to eat more fiber.
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. highs in the 60s. well, there is a winter sport gaining popularity and this silo in cedar falls is one of the largest in the midwest. some of the people who came to climb are as old as ten years old and are very brave. several people had to be rescued in just three days and the latest rescue came when a surfer with little experience got stranded on the rocks. he got tired and climbed onto the rocks and they rescued him and brought him back to shore. >> it's not a good day where
5:56 am
you get caught in currents. >> -- currents. >> on saturday and sunday the fire department had five other rescues and high strong currents are expected again today. and a police officer is killed in the line of duty. last week a sacramento police officer was killed and shot while investigating a burglary. the suspect then killed himself. 100 canine units were among those paying service in roseville. he was an officer with the police department for three and a half years and also served as military police in the u.s. army. in just about an hour, they will release a report for existing home sales but bay area home prices jumped 15% for all of last year. they also expect prices to go up another 10% in alameda counties and that's good news for sellers and for people who
5:57 am
oh more than the home is currently worth. and soaring bay area rents may finally be slowing down according to the consulting group real facts. average rents in san francisco were nearly unchanged in the last year. they declined slightly in the west bay and they may account for some of that leveling off. they are tearing down parts of 280. the idea is from king street to at&t park. and the highway would be replaced by street level boulevard and that would create open space for a new neighborhood and could facility the high speed rail. right now no formal plans have been made. coming closer to 6:00 and that means some of the areas could be getting busier and let's check in with sal. it is getting busier
5:58 am
everywhere. and in some spots, on 280 and 880 it looks okay. bay bridge we had a stall and they were clearing earlier on the bay bridge approach and they had to slow the metering lights which came on a little bitterly and traffic is quickly backing up and it is almost backed up to the 880 crossing. you can have a little extra time and in antioch stop and go traffic and if you are driving on 880 westbound, that looks okay and the marin county not a lot of action in san rafael. it is coming up on 557, let's go back to the desk. president barack obama begins his second term in the oval office. torii campbell in washington d.c. the extreme measures police are taking to corner their suspects. in a countdown, super bowl continues, planning to catch a flight to new orleans, we will
5:59 am
pay sky-high prices. . good morning, we have some higher clouds coming in will it read that rain, we have your forecast coming in two minutes. uh, forgot jack's cereal. [ jack ] what's for breakfast? uh, try the number one! i've never heard of that. [ wife ] it's great. it's a sweet honey cereal, you'll love it. yeah, this is pretty good. are you guys alright? yeah. [ male announcer ] over a third of a day's fiber. not that anyone has to know. fiber beyond recognition. fiber one.

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